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Why Have a Charging Point for Your Electric Car?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have to be charged. Unlike a petrol car, you can do this at home, just plug the charging cable into a normal home socket. That has the advantages of simplicity. However there are disadvantages.

The standard 3-pin socket can only supply a small amount (only a trickle) of electricity to your car. This means your EV’s battery charges very slowly. It can take anywhere from seven hours to more than a day to completely charge an electric vehicle, depending on how big the battery is. This is obviously an issue, if you are using your EV every day.

The other drawback to a normal 3-pin socket is that there is no safety mechanism to keep the plug in the securely. If you trip on the cable, or a child messes around with it, the plug can come out. That’s not safe.

The Best Way: A Dedicated Home Charging Point

Given the limitations of the ordinary 3-pin socket, installing a dedicated 16A or 32A home charging point for your electric vehicle is the best option. It can be installed in your garage or on a convenient outside wall.

A proper EV charging point will charge your battery more quickly and more safely than a domestic socket. You can also quickly top up your car’s battery, while you nip home for lunch, giving you extra range without a full charge.

A 16A charge point will charge your battery at 3 to 3.6 kW, whereas a 32A charger will deliver about 7 kW of power, so the 32A charger will be twice as quick to charge the car.

Government Grant Available

There is also a £350 grant towards the cost of the installation, assuming you meet the OLEV criteria. Here at BST Trading we can help you with the paperwork to get the grant. Call us on 073930 20660 / 02039 350664 for more information.

Electric cars are much cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles, don’t pay road tax, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so are better for the environment. Many people enjoy driving them more than conventional cars and wouldn’t go back. We can advise you on which EV will meet your needs best.